Micro habitat hunting


In Science we have been learning about habitats. Today we learnt about micro habitats. First we used what we know from our reading lessons to think about what the word micro means, then we decided that a micro habitat was either a small habitat or somewhere small animals live. We then found out that insects and mini beasts live in different micro habitats. We looked at lots of different micro habitats around the school yard and field to see what insects and mini beasts we could find.


Christmas Mandarin Fun

We have been so lucky this term to be learning Mandarin. Today we even got to learn how to say ‘Merry Christmas’ in Mandarin and made some Christmas cards. Our Mandarin teacher Mrs Wu has been very impressed with our Mandarin skills over the last few weeks, we even took a Mandarin speaking and listening quiz and some of us were given fortune cookies for our fantastic work! We can’t wait to learn more Mandarin after Christmas.

Shèng dàn jié!


Christmas Preparations

Our new RE topic is all about preparing, we thought about all things we need to prepare for – getting ready for school, a birthday party, a holiday. We then thought about preparing for Christmas. To help us prepare we made Christmas decorations for our class Christmas tree, made Christmas themed biscuits and made a snowman Christmas card all while listening to Christmas music. We had a great afternoon!