3D shapes

Today we revised some shape work and looked at the 2d shapes we can see on the surface of 3D shapes by using straws and playdoh to build different 3D shapes.

Piccolo Music

Thank you to all parents who came along to our final Piccolo music session. We really enjoyed you joining us for our workshop.

Art Day

Today we took part in art day, we learnt all about LS Lowry and why he was a famous artist. We looked at some of the paintings he created and then created some of our own in a similar style, Lowry only used five colours in his paintings so we tried to do the same, mixing the paint to make any extra colours we needed. Then we looked at his matchstick figures and drew our own in our sketchbooks. We had a great art filled day and really enjoyed ourselves.


Potion Making

Today we started a new maths topic all about capacity. We found out that to measure capacity we are measuring the amount of liquid in a vessel. To practice measuring capacity we had to make some magic potions to help a sad fairy, we created a fairy dust potion and an invisibility potion. We worked in groups and had to measure the liquids very carefully. It was tricky but we all managed to help the sad fairy by making the potions for her.

Science Week 🔬

We had great fun during Science Week. Miss Davidson asked us two questions – what would happen if water was added to skittles and what would happen if we put pencils through a plastic bag of water. We all made our predictions and then carried out our tests and carefully observed what happened. We were amazed when the colour from the rainbow made a pattern on our plates of water and when all of the water stayed in the bags. How amazing Science is!