Science Week 🔬

We had great fun during Science Week. Miss Davidson asked us two questions – what would happen if water was added to skittles and what would happen if we put pencils through a plastic bag of water. We all made our predictions and then carried out our tests and carefully observed what happened. We were amazed when the colour from the rainbow made a pattern on our plates of water and when all of the water stayed in the bags. How amazing Science is!

Material Testing

Our science topic this half term is all about the uses of everyday materials. Today we tested different materials to see if they could stretch, bend, twist or squash. We thought about making our test fair by all using the same materials and all doing the same actions. Then we thought about our predictions before actually testing the materials. It was very interesting to see if any of our predictions were correct or not.


World Book Day 📚

Today we celebrated world book day. We dressed up as our favourite book characters, took part in a quiz where we had to guess the teachers favourite children’s book and had a special visit from author and illustrator, Holly Sterling. Holly worked with us to create our own pictures for a book she had illustrated called, 15 things not to do with Granny. We had a fantastic day filled with lots of reading.

Chinese New Year celebration

On Saturday, 9 children along with Mrs Barrett and Miss Davidson went to Newcastle High School For Girls to take part in a Chinese New Year celebration as part of our Mandarin lessons with the Swire centre. Everyone had a fantastic morning making new year lanterns, taking part in a chopstick challenge, trying out some inner Mongolian dancing and tai chi. The morning ended with food tasting and lunch. Thank you to all those who gave up their Saturday to take part in this fantastic morning.