Brilliant Bunting πŸ”»

In DT we have been learning about bunting. Today we designed and began making our platinum jubilee themed bunting. We started by cutting out our bunting using felt and then used a running stitch to create a fold which we can use to thread string through to decorate our classroom when we are finished. It was tricky trying to sew our bunting pieces but we all tried really hard and Miss Davidson and Miss Cruickshank were very proud at how hard we worked.

Under the sea dance πŸŸπŸ•ΊπŸ»

This half term we have been working on dance in PE with an under the sea theme. We have been thinking about different ways to travel around the hall as well as how different living things move under water. Today we put all of ideas together to create an under the sea dance. Then we performed them to each other and discussed all the things we liked about each others performances.

3D shape patterns

Today we learned about making patterns with 3D shapes. We struggled to do this using pictures of 3D shapes so decided to try with the replicas which made things much easier for us. Miss Davidson and Miss Cruickshank challenged us to talk about our patterns and how we knew we had correctly made a pattern.

Minibeast Hunting πŸ•·

In Science we have been learning about all living things and their habitats. Today we found out more about microhabitats and the living things we might find. Then we went on a hunt around school to see which creatures we might find in different microhabitats. Then we counted them by creating tally charts.

Gymnastics 🀸

We started our new PE topic for this half term today. We are going to be looking at all things gymnastics and we are really lucky to be working with Caroline from the PE and School Sports Service. We began by practicing our balancing both by ourselves and with a partner. We also started to look at different ways of jumping.