Science Week

To celebrate science week we completed different STEM activities. The first one we completed was a challenge to use 20 plastic cups and build the tallest tower in the classroom using all 20 cups. The second one we completed was an investigation to find out what would happen if we added water to skittles. We were amazed with the patterns we created.

Perfect potions

Today in maths we continued our measurement lessons by learning about capacity. Miss Davidson told us all about the fairy she met during a walk over the weekend, the fairy was in trouble and needed our help. We helped her by making magic potions. We worked in teams to help the fairy and had to be very carefully when making our potions taking our time to make sure we had the correct amount of each ingredient. Thankfully we were all successful in making our potions and the fairy was very happy.

Material Testing

Today we were set a task from the Three Little Pigs. They asked us to test some different materials to help them build a new house. We had to find out which material would be the strongest, which one would keep the pigs dry and which material wouldn’t be able to be blown over by the Big Bad Wolf. As a class we decided the best ways to test these different materials and took care to make sure that we stuck with the test we chose which was very tricky at times.

World Book Day

Today we celebrated world book day. To celebrate we dressed up as our favourite character from a book and decorated potatoes to become different story characters. It was tricky decorating our potatoes but we all had great fun!

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